Cleanrooms created in a commercial space needs special features and certain conditions to be maintained. Whether it concerns the factors like filtering away the dirt, dust and moisture or maintaining a specialized setting for storage, there are multiple points on which your cleanroom should set up to the mark. At Trio India, we are offering superior quality cleanrooms that are functionally fit for all sectors in the top cities of Algeria including Algiers, Oran, Constantine. Specialized in pharmaceutical cleanroom door, we also offer fire rated doors that help manage sudden outbreaks of fire as well. Get them customised as per your need at the best price with our panel of experts as work.

Commercial Cleanroom & Fire Rated Doors

Commercially viable, our cleanroom doors and fire rated doors are best suited across the prime cleanroom requiring industries. Easy to manage and maintain, we ensure supply of commercial fire rated doors that are amongst the best fire doors on global scale. Forbidding the entry of extrinsic factors, our doors are specially curated to manage the cleanroom setting in the most functional manner. No more worrying about managing and cleaning your cleanroom spaces with our slider doors.

Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles, Panels Manufacturer

Find a perfect partner for cleanroom ceiling installation services with Trio India. Experts at our work, we offer a league of cleanroom ceiling tiles and panels that will suit your cleanroom settings. Recognised as the top cleanroom ceiling and panel manufacturer in and around Algeria, we are professionally trained to custom create our supplies as per the customer need. Easy to manage and maintain, you will find complete ease in managing even the larger spaces. Right from beautifying to managing the highest level of safety concerns, our products are uniquely designed to meet all these factors.

Cleanroom partitions are becoming more and more popular due to the level of usability and space management it supports. Choose from our range of modernized modular partition wall that are prefect to define space management for your cleanroom spaces. Right from managing the entire space to increasing the functionality and storage, our modular partitions are perfectly usage across all kinds of industries in need of cleanrooms. We also offer reliable ceiling installation services to not just modernize the look but also increase its safety

Fire Shaft Door Supplier

Your search for electrical shaft doors for your cleanroom ends at Trio India. Working with a professionally qualified, expert team of professionals excelled at fire shaft doors manufacturing, we create only the best. Designed to match the high safetystandard of cleanrooms, our shaft doors are electrically operated. Easy to access, they equally easy to maintain and does not need extra care. We offer complete assistance with the installation and operation briefing process to make it easier for the customers to operate them, later. Recognised as the top electric shaft door manufacturers on a global scale, we are amongst the top suppliers across the prime cleanroom requiring industries, at the best price.